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Let's Talk About Texas Hunting

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The bigger the better in Texas, and nothing falls short of that statement when it comes to hunting. Texas is known for some of the best Whitetail deer hunting in addition to an array of exotic animals. Read more below to find out some of the best things to know about hunting in the Lone Star state!

Hunting Season in Texas

There's an opportunity to hunt year round in Texas! Check out some of the common hunting seasons listed below: 

Turkey – Spring turkey season begins in March or April, depending on the county, and ends in late April or early May. At Jayhawk Creek, turkey season is in full swing.

Bow season begins in late September running through early November and rifle season runs from November through January.

Whitetail deer – The general season runs early November through early to mid-January. A few counties have a two-week muzzle loader season in January.

Bow season is in late September through early November. There is also a late antler-less and spike season across a large number of counties in North Texas in early January and in South Texas in late January through early February.

In addition to the above game animals, Texas also has seasons for ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, and other game birds.

It's All About the Game

We've got lots of game to offer here at Jayhawk Creek Ranch. From Exotic Deer hunting and whitetail to several varieties of Birds, Hogs, Buffalo, Zebra, Antelope Species, and so much more.

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Resident vs. Non-Resident

What's the rundown on hunting licenses in Texas? Texas offers hunting licenses and stamps endorsements to both residents and non-residents. All applicants need to provide his/her Social Security Number to obtain a hunting license and stamp endorsements.

To be considered a resident, you must be a person who has lived in Texas for more than six months before purchasing a hunting license. Active-duty service members who are Texas residents (and their dependents) can purchase a hunting license anywhere.

As a Texas hunter, you can prove your residency by providing three of the following Texas hunter license requirements at the time of purchase.

  • A valid Texas driver's license
  • A current Texas driver's license
  • A current Texas voter registration certificate
  • A Current Texas vehicle registration
  • A current Texas homestead property tax statement
  • Six months of recent utility bills
  • Six months of recent paycheck stubs
  • A recent income tax return
  • A letter from a probation officer or a parole board that you've lived in Texas for the last six months.

Without three of those documents, the state will consider you a non-resident, resulting in you having to pay more for your license and stamp endorsements.

Ready, Set, Shoot!

Hunting licenses can be purchases at over 1,000 locations throughout the Lone Star state. These locations include discount stores, department stores, grocery stores, sporting good stores, gun shops, and bait and tackle stores. 

The fees are as follow:

  • $25 for residents
  • $7 for youth (ages 16 and younger) and seniors (ages 65 and older)
  • $48 non-resident 5-day special hunting (hunting exotic game for no more than 5 days)
  • $132 non-resident special hunting (hunting exotic game for more than 5 days)
  • $315 for non-residents
  • Texas residents can purchase a lifetime license for $1,000 through the TWPD. 

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